• Brian

Your Fear of Speaking is Costing You $$$

Do you want to advance in your career, but you hate public speaking? That could be a problem.

It is widely reported that public speaking tops the list of things people fear most, however, shying away from developing this skill is costing you. Studies show proficiency in oral communication is directly linked to your ability to grow in influence, responsibility, and compensation.

A 2017 survey of 600 job recruiters put "oral communication" as the #1 thing employers look for when hiring. "Presentation skills" landed at #5 and "core business knowledge" was a distant #14.

A report from IBM giving advise to female managers seeking executive positions suggests increasing visibility by booking speaking engagements and participating in discussion panels.

So what do you do if you desire greater responsibility (and more $$$) but cannot get over your fear of speaking do these two things:

  1. Learn to channel your fear into positive energy. Find more here.

  2. Just do it! The only way you'll grow in your ability to speak in front of others is to do it, learn, and repeat.

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