• Brian

How to Know When to Speak Up in a Meeting

If you're not speaking in meetings, you should. You have knowledge, ideas, thoughts, and experience that we need to hear.

Finding the right moment to speak, however, is of utmost importance. When we speak at the right time it's amazing, but we've all made the mistake of speaking up when we should have been quiet.

So, how can you know when it is time to speak up and be heard?

Here's a helpful rule of thumb. Before you jump in and speak, pause and S.I.T. Ask yourself, "Should I Talk?"

If you are about to speak to display how smart you are, boost your credentials, impress the boss, or because silence makes you uneasy, take a breath and wait. Your time has not yet come.

If, however, you have the answer to our problem, knowledge that furthers our discussion, an opinion that challenges us to rethink and improve, or a question that clarifies what is murky, do not be timid, it is time to talk.

You are working to make us better and we need your voice.

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