• Brian

Are Great Presenters Born or Made?

Don't let the lie that you weren't born with "it" stop you from finding your voice.

We tend to celebrate people at the climax of their career like when they sell their company, win the trophy, or cure a disease. What we overlook are the thousands of hours spent working through the night, practicing in an empty gym, and doing research in a dimly lit lab.

We like to pay attention to speakers when the lights are bright and the stage is large.

What we miss are the countless hours in front of a mirror practicing and the hundreds of lukewarm presentations to half-empty boardrooms.

Finding your voice happens in obscurity.

Whether you were born an introvert or an extrovert is not nearly as important as the hours you put in preparing and presenting.

You were born with everything you need to be an effective speaker!

The question is, will you do the hard work of finding your voice?

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