I've been where you are, worrying for days before a presentation that it will not go well, then worrying for days after a presentation that the audience didn't hear and doesn't remember what I said. 


No matter how many times people tell me a presentation was great, I still wonder why that one person never looked up from their cell phone.  Have you been there? 


Good news!  You're not alone.  We've all been there! 

Three things stop us from excelling as speakers:

lack of confidence in our ability; 

lack of clarity in our message;

and lack of connection with our audience.

I'm here to help you:

overcome your fear and

engage your audience

so when you speak people hear and remember

Great public speakers are not born with a unique gift, they develop their ability over time. 


Through engaging seminars, community events, and one on one coaching, I help professionals like you find your voice. 


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Corporate Seminars

For Teams of All Sizes

Half and full day seminars.  Don't think boring lecture.  Each seminar is packed with engaging exercises, practical tips and useful skills.  Attendees gain a positive mindset and a desire to put their knowledge to action.

Open Events

Learn and Grow Together

Our regular open events in the Boston area are a great place to network and improve as a speaker with others.  These engaging, highly practical events give participants the tools to overcome fear, sharpen a message, and connect with an audience.


Take the Next Step Forward

Our coaching participants report remarkable improvement in their ability to overcome fear and deliver a compelling message.  Live or virtual one on one coaching will prepare you to deliver amazing presentations with tangible results.


Eileen Habelow Ph.D., President, Leadership Link

"If you want your presentations to be engaging and something that people WANT to listen to, then Brian Krogh is someone you need to involve.  Brian is great at teaching the concepts that make a presentation interesting, and is also a great coach as you plan your presentation."


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